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Repair Information
(re-select which repairs you ordered and print this page to accompany your orthotics)
This page is intended for customers who have already placed a repair order and need to complete this page to include with their orthotics. If you have not already purchased one of our services, please return to the "Place Order" page and complete your repair order.
Duplicate Shells
Address to:
800 Lugers Rd
Holland, MI 49423
Current in-lab turnaround time: 5-7 business days
Special Instructions (optional)
Your repair order has been placed, PayPal confirmation email has been recieved.

You have read the instructions page.

You have filled out and printed this page to send with your orthotics.

You have selected an appropriate shipping container (something that won't tear or open easily) and have packed your orthotics along with this form.

Make sure your package is securely sealed (reinforce self sealing packages with tape as they can open during transport).

We strongly recommend using a shipping service that includes tracking.

Customer Information

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