Orthotic Repair Services
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Topcovers are the cushions or coverings on the topside of an orthotic shell. They can be replaced many times in the life of a custom orthotic, provided the support base is made from a rigid material such as plastic, fiberglass, or graphite.
Topcover "Extras" are supports or cushions which are added to a bare orthotic base BEFORE topcovers are added. We need to strip off any existing topcovers in order to add metatarsal supports, heel spur pads, arch pads... Therefore, a new topcover repair order MUST be placed before any "Extras" can be added.
3/4 Length Synthetic Leather Topcovers:  $45 /pair
Full Length Synthetic Leather Topcovers:  $60 /pair
3/4 Length Neoprene Topcovers:  $45 /pair
Full Length Neoprene Topcovers:  $60 /pair 
3/4 Length Ultra Sponge Topcovers:  $55 /pair
Full Length Ultra Sponge Topcovers:  $70 /pair
3/4 Length Synthetic Ultra Leather Topcovers:  $55 /pair
Full Length Synthetic Ultra Leather Topcovers:  $70 /pair   

Topcover Options

Topcover "Extras"

Metatarsal Support (right):  $5
Metatarsal Support (left):  $5
Metatarsal Supports (both):  $10
Heel Spur Pads:  $15 /pair
Arch Pad (right):  $7
Arch Pad (left):  $7
Arch Pads (both):  $14

Base/Shell Repairs

Add/Replace Heel Stabilizers: $40 /pair
Cracked Shell Patch (right):  $30
Cracked Shell Patch (left):  $30
Cracked Shell Patch (both):  $60
Base Repairs
Base repairs are made to the under side of the orthotic shell. These services can be rendered without ordering any other repairs.
Topcover Extras
Misc. Repairs
There are many other services and repairs we can provide. Lifts for leg length discrepancies, cut-outs for pressure relief, posting, wedge extensions... If you have a need that is not on our order form, contact us with your request and we will provide information and/or a quote.
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Pricing & Reviews

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Return Shipping & Handling
Priority Mail (United States): $8.99

Priority Mail (Canada): $30.00

Priority Mail (International): $40.00
Print your own postage
We use the U.S. Postal Service to return your orthotics. You may send them to us using any shipping method you prefer. If you would like to print your own shipping label, we have provided a link to the USPS website (click the Postal Service logo).
Duplicate Shells (no topcovers):  $150 /pair
Duplicate Shells
(3/4 length syn. leather or neoprene topcovers):  $195 /pair
Duplicate Shells
(full length syn. leather or neoprene topcovers):  $210 /pair
Duplicate Shells
(3/4 length ultra sponge or syn. leather covers):  $205 /pair
Duplicate Shells
(full length ultra sponge or syn. leather covers):  $220 /pair

Shell Duplication

Learn more about our orthotic duplication service. more_information.png
*Pricing includes duplicate orthotic topcovers only, repairs for original orthotics need to be ordered separately.
Shell Duplication
Duplicating an orthotic shell is only possible when the topcovers from the original orthotics are removed. All of our topcover options are available for duplicated orthotics. You will need to place a topcover replacement order for the original orthotics in addition to the shell duplication order. Please click the "More Information" button to learn more.
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(In-depth repair details are found on the *Topcovers* & *Base Repair* pages)
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